Infrastructure that stands out

Dining Hall

Dining hall of 400 people seating capacity.

Pure Drinking Water

Three water coolers along with water purifiers.

Medical Care

Doctor’s room for medical care 24*7.


Welcome to SP Jain Gurukul Korasa

SP Jain Gurukul is a school located in Korasa City, Madhya Pradesh, India.

In 1944 some enlightened souls came together to solve this problem and conceived the idea of establishing an institution catering for the local needs. They decided to follow the Gurukul models of Karanja, Kumbhoj, Bahubali etc. In order to give the plan a concrete shape jain saints viz., Late Muni 108 Shri Samantbhadra Ji Maharaj, Pandit Shri Devkinandan Ji Siddhant Shastri and Reverend 105 Shri Ganesh Prasad Ji Varni were invited. The distinguished rare trio consecrated the plan , and their blessings were translated into work. Late Shrimant Seth Rishabh Kumar Ji donated land which gave a birth to ths school.