In the beginning 7 acres of land was generously donated by late Shrimant Rishabh kumar Ji. At that time the land contained four halls, A Chaityalaya and a well. With the passage of time the need for a bigger space to carry out religious rites of Jainism arose to be used by Gurukul students as well as the jain community of Khurai.

Therefore “Laal Mandir” was built in place of the old Chaityalya under the inspiration and guidance of of Shri Shrimant Seth Dharmendra Kumar Ji and Shri Singhai Alok Prakash Ji.

“Vedi Pratishtha” was carried out in the divine presence of 105 Aryika Poornmati Mata Ji the ardent disciple Of Sant Shiromani 108 Acharya Shri Vidhya Sagar Ji Maharaj, on 19 Feb. 2002.

There are 23 Shikhar of different proportion in Laal Mandir. Laal Mandir is the abode of 1008 Bhagwan ParshvNath.

Maan Stambha

Infront of Laal Mandir a ‘Maan Stambha” was established in 1975. The height of ‘Maan Stambha” is 38 feet. The inauguration of ‘Maan Stambha” was done by reverential Shri Kaanji Swami.