This Trust was constructed in the year 1944 on Akcchaya Tiritiya, Veer Nirwan Sanwat 2070. It was inspired by reverential Param Poojya 108 Samantbhadra Ji Maharaj and inaugurated by reverential by Shri 105 Kshullak Ganesh Prasad Ji Varni. The institution is conducted under the direction of Shri Pandit Jaganmohan Lal Ji Shastri (Katni). The sole purpose of the institution is to propagate decency, discipline and moral values.
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  • Late Shri Shrimant Rishabh Kumar Ji
  • Late Shri Manikchand Ji Mulla
  • Late Shri Ganpat Lal Ji Gurha
  • Late Shri Singhai Nandan Lal Ji Bina
  • Shrimati Rajrani Naykan Bai